The Runaway live @ Queen’s Commons (April 2013)

The Runaway freestyling with MC Forty & Clutch

One, Two, Three – The Runaway Documentary

Inspired – Live @ MBC (March 2011)

The Runaway – When I Get Home (Live @ MBC)

You Deserve acapella

Spit Hot Fire – featuring Sivion, ILL Seer, Shua James, Shad, Relic, Braille & Die-Rek (beat by Theory Hazit)

Round Two Launch Tour Highlights (April 2010)

Freestyle with ILL Seer and Soul Natural @ The Hard Rock Cafe (Toronto, ON 2010)

The Runaway Jam – Good Times in Markham, ON (2007)

Hip Hop Helps @ Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, ON 2005)