Jon Corbin

Jon Corbin is a Canadian musician, hip-hop & spoken word artist with lyrical themes of faith, love, family, social justice and personal growth. With 13 years of experience in music, Jon holds a wide range of talents including being a bassist, drummer, worship leader, poet, radio & podcast host, journalist, DJ and public speaker. Over the past 9 years he has performed as hip-hop artist The Runaway on stages big and small, providing a dynamic show that represents the basic tenets of hip-hop: peace, love, unity and having fun!

Stream and Download The Runaway’s music here

Jon’s newest album (under the name The Runaway) is called The Saturday Sonrise EP, a hip-hop collaborations project produced by S1.

Ted X Waterloo Women

On Dec 1, 2012, I was asked to give a spoken word performance at the TedxWaterlooWomen conference. It was an absolutely amazing and inspiring day. I got to perform 3 pieces, including ‘Name From A Woman’ and a brand new piece called ‘A Story Tony Told.’

The Ted x Waterloo blog did a nice recap of my words here

A Change Is Gonna Come…

saturday sonrise cover

The Saturday Sonrise EP

The Runaway is back with his latest release, Saturday Sonrise, a hip-hop collaborations project that is built like a 70s soul record. But the artist, known for infusing spoken word, folk and soul influences into his music, believes this is more than a soul record, it is soul refreshing. Produced by S1 (Strange Fruit Project), Saturday Sonrise sees The Runaway collaborating with several artists, all around one central theme – Saturday.

“While Sundays are often seen as the conventionally ‘spiritual’ day, I find Saturdays to be a great day to connect with God – whether it’s spending time with family, to performing music, to chillin’ with the homies. The day can be so spiritually refreshing and a reminder of the God’s desire for relationship with us.”

The project utilizes a recording method similar to classic soul records, with variety of mics and an emphasis on ‘one take’ recordings to capture a feeling over an extremely polished sound. The 10-track EP contains 14 features including theBREAX, Manchild, Relic, Elias, ILL Seer & Die-Rek.


1) Saturday Sonrise feat. Ruslan & Beleaf of theBREAX
2) Come Alive Intro (spoken word)
3) We Make Saturday Night Come Alive! feat. Manchild
4) Call to Me feat. Lady Blaise & Elias
5) Tonight’s the Night feat. Relic, Die-Rek & Sean Prominent
6) Day of Rest feat. ILL Seer & DJ Sean P
7) Grow Stronger Intro (spoken word by Clutch)
8) Grow Stronger feat. Soul Natural
9) Real Woman feat. Just Issac & reSEARCH
10) You Deserve

Saturday Sonrise acapella

The Runaway performing his verse from the title track of his new EP, Saturday Sonrise. Featuring theBREAX, Manchild, Elias, Relic, Die-Rek and more

The Saturday Sonrise EP releases May 24

A&B KW Poster

The Runaway @ Queen’s Commons (April 2013)

In April 2013, I took the stage at Queen’s Commons (Kitchener, ON) to play some tunes from my folk-hop EP Inspired. We had a blast opening for the talented Hamilton-based duo Ash & Bloom. Here, with Jon Moore on guitar and Jon Gortson on percussion – enjoy!

Runaway in Hamilton

Photos from the Hamilton House Show (March 2013)

I had the chance to join Clutch & Spark Society for a kicking house party in Hamilton.

Peep some of the photos here

Shout out to Clutch for the show, Jared for the love, Spark Society for the jam session & Sky Addict for the photos

Runaway Love – Ten dope albums from 2012

This isn’t a ‘best of’ list, just some outstanding musicians that dropped albums this year. I just wanted to show a little love. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some good music.


1) Theory Hazit – Thr3e

Love for:

  • Honest and vulnerable lyrics
  • Top notch production from one of my favourite hip-hop producers, Dert
  • Songs that speak to the spiritual core of humanity

Dope track: What Lies Beneath


2) Ani DiFranco – Which Side Are You On?

Love for:

  • Powerful lines that consistently edify & challenge me to be a better writer
  • Speaking to a wide range of topics: homelessness, politics, the environment, feminism, commitment and many more
  • Covering Pete Seeger

Dope track: Which Side Are You On?


3) Lecrae – Church Clothes

Love for:

  • Shaking up his fanbase by doing a record with a general market DJ
  • Shaking the status quo to speak honestly to hip-hop culture
  • Shaking off the haters and continuing to stick to his vision

Dope track: Rise produced by 9th Wonder


4) Beautiful Eulogy – Satellite Kite

Love for:

  • Creatively presenting their message
  • Outstanding, innovative production
  • Reawakening the idea of hip-hoppers working together in community

Dope track: Beautiful Eulogy (live at Portland Underground)


5) Pearl & the Beard – Killing the Darlings

Love for:

  • Vivacious personalities and contagious live energy
  • Incredibly moving harmonies
  • Taking songwriting seriously

Dope track: Reverend (live)


6) Robert Glasper – Black Radio

Love for:

  • The humility to merge his top-notch talent with a band
  • The ability to merge genres so effectively
  • The creatively to cover Bowie, Nirvana, Coltrane & Sade in one sitting

Dope track: Afro Blue featuring Erykah Badu.


7) Relic – Miles to Go

Love for:

  • A dope producer still willing to expand and modify his sound
  • Creating an authentic, true-school hip-hop record
  • Adding spoken word pieces to his repertoire

Dope track: Work of Heart


8) Propaganda – Excellent

Love for:

  • Lyrics that ‘live’, like planting seeds that will continue to bear fruit in the listener’s mind
  • Keeping spoken word and poetry at the forefront of the presentation
  • Examining many pertinent aspects of spirituality

Dope track: Forgive Me For Asking


9) Wes Pendleton – Love

Love for:

  • Reminding me of why I love beat tapes
  • Sampling soul music to bring out new messages
  • Keeping the legacy of J Dilla going (Intentionally or unintentionally)


10) Good Lovelies – Live at Revolution

Love for:

  • Killer harmonies
  • Sharing engaging stories
  • Humbly demonstrating true talent

Dope track: The Best I Know

the runaway - votp 1

Voice of the People single

To wrap up 2012, I thought I would package one of my favourite songs I’ve done recently with an outstanding remix from my homie Clutch. Download for free or pay what you can.

DJs can download the single with the acapella here:

Collab with Caroline Brooks of the Good Lovelies!

In March 2011, James Bloemendal, Matt McKenna & myself had the privilege of a studio session with the wonderful Caroline Brooks, of the Juno Award winning group The Good Lovelies.

Caroline recorded vocals for two songs from my latest release, Inspired, including our folk-hop version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” Here’s the finished product.

This is definitely one of my favourite collaborations ever. Thanks to Caroline and the Lovelies, a band you should definitely support.